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Flexitank Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Q:Is it possible to open the 2 doors of the container when the flexitank is full?

A: Only the NBF or reefer flexitanks can be loaded or discharged with both doors open. With a standard flexitank it is a safety requirement to keep the left hand door closed during the filling and discharge operation.

2. Q:Can carriers accept to ship DAVID FlexiTank put into the 20ft container?

A: Definitely no problem.Even the two strictest carriers of the world , Maersk-Sealand and APL,have already shipped our FlexiTank put into their 20ft container for years.But one thing should be noted that the carriers have professional requirements on FlexiTank supplier, to be honoured,we are qualified.

3. Q: Is your FlexiTank packaging equipment? Transportation equipmen? Or storage equipment?

A: That depends on what your purpose is.RELIANCE FlexiTank combines these 3 functions.What your purpose makes what RELIANCE FlexiTank is.When you make full use of these 3 functions together,the costs will be definitely the lowest that improves your marketing competition force dramatically.

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