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Fuel Oil Tank DW-002
2014-12-26 13:34:21
Product Name: Fuel Oil Tank
Material: TPU
Shape: Rectangular, Pillow, Round, Onion tank
Material Color: Green, Camouflage, Brown, etc..
Capacity: 1,000--500,000L
Thickness: 0.8mm--1.5mm
Unit: piece
Packing: carton, plywood box

Features :
     - Light weight , ease operation.
     - Minimum packing size, allowing for better transportation and storage
     - No fuel contamination, resulting in higher fuel quality
     - Superior aging resistance ability.
     -Provide with a variety of accessories,including cam-lock and tri-jam couplings, ball valves,
       emergency repair kits, line-cleaning devices, hose hoppers...
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