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2011-7-8 10:28:03

Product information:

1. Other Names:Titanic oxide titanium white

2. Molecular Formula: TiO2

3. CAS NO.: 13463-67-7 ; EINECS :236-675-5

4. Type: Titanium Dioxide Rutile 93%

5. Color: Super white

6.  Properties: White powder, insoluble in water, soluble in hot and concentrated strong acid and alkali, having the good chemical stability; It has strong achromatic power, covering power, with excellent properties of pigment.

7. Range of application: coatings, printing ink, rubber, glass, leather, cosmetics, soaps, plastic and paper making etc..

    1)In paint industry, It is used as white pigment and glaze of porcelain.

    2) It can also be used as coating and filling in paper-making industry to help paper to be printable and opaque.

    3) In metallurgical industry, it can be used to make spongy titanium, alloy of titanium and iron and hard alloy, etc.

    4) It can also be used to make nonconductor, electric welding rod and porcelain enamel.

    5) It can also be used in synthetic fibre, plastic, rubber, printing, dying, cosmetics, medicine fillings and food additives.

8.Packing, shipping and storing information:

    1). Packed in paper-plastic bag, net weight 25kgs.

    2). Keep out of rain and prevent from being loaded and unloaded by hooks.

    3). Stored in dry and ventilated places, piled on pad materials to avoid moisture.





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