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Qingdao David Chemical Co., Ltd is moving diversified scientific management, the goal of our business the internationalization, and large enterprise with core competitiveness and influence. The company has excellent marketing team, professional chemical technicians, hoping to establish a stable sales network in China and more countries and regions, looking forward to working with partners to establish long-term, close and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company's products include:

Titanium Dioxide Series: Supply rutile and anatase titanium dioxide, widely used in coatings, paints, plastics, inks, masterbatch, paper and other industries.
Lomon TiO2: R-996, R-997, R-108, R-971, R-951
Yuxing TiO2: R-818
Dawn TiO2: R2195, R2011s

Resin series: Import & Supply Korea Kumho resin ASA/ ABS and USA.Momentive epoxy resin and polyester resin.

Bulk plastic packaging products: Produce & Supply the bulk plastic bag/tank of raw materials as PE, PP, PVC, TPU. They’re widely used for packing, storing and transporting the liquid cargo, granules and powder goods.

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